Monday 23 July 2012

Kipper For Breakfast

When we are in the UK, Our family loves to have kipper for breakfast. We usually have it on Sunday morning where we can have a relax and long breakfast. We prefer to have a whole kipper with the head, tail and bone on rather than one that already filleted. It is a tedious job to separate the bone and the skin and make a lot of mess too but it is all well worth it, because it is really good, the taste, the saltines the smokey flavor, it is all there.

I normally put a dollop of butter on the fish and then put it under the grill, but after reading Darina Allen's book I completely converted. Instead of grilling it, put the kipper in a container and pour hot water on it.

The fish turns out more moist and less salty and the kitchen doesn't smell fishy...

Poach instead of grilled
Served with scrambled eggs

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