Monday 23 July 2012

Orange Cream Pudding

We have this as our pudding for last Sunday dinner party. It is rich and refreshing at the same time. The tartness from raspberry crush complimenting the richness of the cream. This is (like most of my western food post) is my mother in law recipe.


Orange Cream Pudding

1 pt orange juice

1 sachet gelatine

12 oz double cream (or whipping cream)

8 tbsp sugar And orange zest

2 eggs


  • Strain the orange juice. Sprinkle the gelatine and leave for 2 min
  • Bring the mixture to a simmer in the pan

  • Slowly stir until the gelatine dissolve thoroughly
  • Place the hot juice in a blender

  • Add the cream and blend until smooth

  • Add the sugar, orange zest, egg and blend for 10 secs

  • Pour into the individual serving dishes or ramekins dishes

  • Cover with cling film
  • Chill over at least 3 hrs before serving (I leave it overnight)

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