Saturday, 7 December 2013

Cake Lava Coklat (Molten Lava Cake)

In dinner parties, often I make mixed fruit salad as dessert. It is easier to prepare and healthier  but this time I have guests staying for few days, I have to think hard what to give them for pudding the second night, can't give them fruit again. 

Recently I follow this blog (Happy Home Baking) which I found her recipe is honest and informative. I stumble upon this recipe. The blog suggested this isn't complicated pudding yet extremely delicious (proven it is true) and it is convenient as we can prepare a few hours ahead. 

Though we can serve the cakes in ramekins I prefer to put them on individual serving plate, we can see the cocholate melting as we cut through the cake and that's the fun of it.

My guests really loved it. I've made it three times since. If I can make it everybody should be able to do it, as I'm not that good with making pudding and I must say this is the best pudding I ever made.

Ingredients  /  Bahan -bahan
(makes 4 servings)
Cukup untuk 4 ramekin dish

135 gr cooking chocolate of your choice 
135 gr coklat masak pilihan anda (saya pakai Chefmate)

65 gr  butter (half salted butter and half unsalted)
65 gr butter (setengah butter asin setengah tawar)

2  eggs
2 telur

45 gr  sugar
45 gr gula

1/2 tsp vanillla ekstract
1/2 tsp vanilli

15 gr plain flour 
15 gr tepung (segitiga biru)

1 tsp dutch process cocoa powder
1 sdt bubuk coklat (cari yang berwarna gelap)

some butter or oil for greasing
sedikit butter atau minyak untuk mengolesi

Method / Cara memasak

Preheat oven to 200 C
Panaskan oven 200 C

Generously grease the bottom and sides of four 180ml size ramekin dish with butter; set aside.
Olesi 4 ramekin dish berukuran 180 ml dengan mentega, sisihkan

Melt chocolate and butter on double boiler, Stir the mixture to ensure all the chocolate is melted and the mixture becomes smooth. Remove from heat, leave aside for 1 minute
Lelehkan coklat dengan mentega dalam panci diatas panci lain yang berisi air panas tetapi tidak sampai mendidih hanya sampai keluar gelembung-gelembung air (lihat gambar).  Aduk sampai coklat meleleh dan halus dan keluarkan panci kecil dari panci besar, dinginkan coklat sebentar kira-kira 1 menit saja.

Beat  the eggs and sugar until  thick, pale and fluffy. Reduce to low speed continue to beat for about 1  minutes to break up larger bubbles in the batter.
Kocok telur dan gula sampai kental, pucat dan berbusa. Turunkan kecepatan mixer, lanjutkan mengocok selama kira-kira 1 menit agar gelembung besarnya pecah dalam adonan.

Add in the melted chocolate mixture and beat on low speed until the mixture is thoroughly blended.
Masukkan adonan coklat sambil dikocok dengan kecepatan rendah sebentar sampai adonan tercampur rata

Sieve the flour and cocoa powder into the mixing bowl. With a spatula or bubble whisk fold in the flour until just incorporated. Do not over mix. Divide the batter into the 4 ramekins
Saring tepung dan bubuk coklat ke dalam mixer. Gunakan spatula atau whisk untuk mengaduk tepung dan coklat, hanya sampai tercampur saja (jangan diaduk terlalu lama). Bagi adonan ke dalam 4 mangkok ramekin.

Place filled ramekins on a baking tray and bake in middle rack for 10 minutes exactly (no more no less). The cakes  do look under baked. 
Letakkan mangkok ramekin yang sudah berisi adonan di atas loyang, masukkan ke dalam oven pada rak tengah. Masak selama 10 menit pas ! tidak kurang tidak lebih. Cake ini memang kelihatan kurang matang.

Remove from oven immediately and leave to cool for 1 minutes or less,  run a small knife around cakes to loosen and put the cakes upsidown  onto individual serving plates (be careful, the ramekins are very hot) and carefully lift ramekin off cakes (it'll easily slide off). Serve immediately with ice cream or just cream. I dust with cocoa powder.
Keluarkan segera dari oven dan biarkan sebentar kira-kira 1 menit atau kurang. Gunakan pisau kecil untuk melonggarkan kue dan letakkan terbalik diatas piring kecil (hati-hati, mangkok ramekin ini sangat panas) kemudian perlahan-lahan angkat ramekin (cake gampang terlepas). Segera sajaika dengan es krim atau cream saja. Saya menaburinya dengan bubuk coklat, boleh juga dicoba ditaburi dengan milo bubuk.


  1. Can we still see the melting chocolate after some hours?

    1. No, not really…., as the chocolate hardened even after 20 minutes or so. I have some in the fridge and warm them in microwave for 40 - 50 seconds (depend on your microwave), they softened but the chocolate wouldn't melt, still taste great though. Best served immediately after they are ready, it is similar to souffl√©. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  2. I see. ..thank’s for the info :)