Sunday 3 June 2012

Mie Sop ( Noodles Soup)

Mie Sop is one of popular street food in Medan. My son really loves this dish together with quail's egg satay. There are many different style of mie sop (some make it with chicken base stock and shredded chicken for condiment), but this one is our favourite.

Most mie sop hawker will sell other condiments to go with it, like cockles satay, quail's egg satay, noodles crackers and sometimes perkedel. I make them all so we can bring the street food at home...

On the table there will be, chili, tomato sauce, soy sauce and sometimes vinegar

The secret of a good mie sop is on the making of the stock that is made a day earlier ( 2 days is even better). Most hawker will add msg in their soup, but you don't need to because our 1 day old stock will be mature enough, and here is the recipe :

Ingredients  (A)

100   gr    Shallots
5       clove   Garlic
3       cm       Ginger
6                   Candle nuts

Ingredients (B)

4       L      water (will reduce to 2.5 L after cooking)
500   gr      beef
500   gr      ribs
1       tbsp  white pepper (or to taste)
Salt to taste


  • Put ingredients (A) in a blender, grind till smooth and put it in the water, bring to boil.
  • In go the beef  and ribs, together with salt and pepper, bring back to big boil then simmer for at least 2 hours.
  • Turn of the heat, leave to cool. Keep in the fridge ready for the second boil the next day...
  • The next day.............
  • Bring to boil the stock with the content and simmer for another 2 hours...
  • It should be ready....
What to go with it

Sliced or diced beef that was in the stock
Blanch bean sprout (optional)
Flake onion
Chili paste
Slice celery leaf

Quail's egg satay
Cockles satay
Noodles crackers

mmmmmm yum...yum...I think everyone will love this dish..........

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