Sunday, 10 June 2012

Glaced Cassava ( Ubi Rebus Gula)

Cassava is used in many ways in Indonesia. We use the roots and the leaves. Prepare it as sweets or savoury. The use of the roots is limitless. We can cook it fresh, dried, processed or even the flour...tapioca. It is good to serve as a dessert or even have it for tea time. This cassava sweet is only one of many I will write in this blog.


750    gr   cassava roots
350    gr   sugar
2              pandan leaves or use vanilla instead

For the sauce

200   ml    thick coconut milk
300   ml    water
1       tbsp maize flour
salt to taste


  • Peel the cassava root's skin and wash well
  • Cut 5 cm long and halved

  • In the pan put sugar, pandan leaves and sugar. Bring to boil and all sugar is dissolved.

  • Pour the syrup into the the cassava. There are two ways of making it. You can cook it long and slow for a 2 hours, to get the soft and fluffy texture or my way, just put it in pressure cooker that should be ready in 45 minutes.
  • To make the sauce :  Dissolve maize flour in water then mix well with coconut milk and water. Simmer and constantly stir until bubbling, add the salt.

  • Serve the cassava and pour generous sauce over it......
  • Try you'll love it....


  1. Waktu aku makan di resto temanku, kami makan ubi rebus gula ini, waktu aku mencicipinya, aku berpikir, ternyata makanan sederhana ini bisa dijual dan layak untuk sebuah resto yg megah ...

  2. Iya, ubi rebus ini juga dihidangkan di restaurang Thai temanku juga....