Monday, 4 June 2012

Manisan Kolang-Kaling (Candied Palm Fruit)

Kolang-kaling (sugar palm fruit) is one of the favourite appetiser and easily found during Ramadhan. It can be said, the presence of Ramadhan will be marked by the presence of kolang-kaling sellers.

The fruit of Palm (Arenga pinnata) is not only fresh because it contains much of water, it also contains of protein, carb, and fibres that provide many benefits for the body.
Water content and fro reaching 93.8 per 100 grams. The fruit called glibbertjes also contains of 0.69 grams of protein, 4 grams of carb, and 0.95 grams of fibres.
That's why if someone eats kolang-kaling, he will quickly feel full, and it even decrease the appetite. Thus, kolang-kaling is suitable for people who are on a diet. Water content and fibre in kolang-kaling can also refresh the body, and facilitate the body's metabolism.
 Kolang-kaling is actually only an albumin protein needed by the palm tree seeds as a food supply. The fruit is extracted from sugar palm fruit seed flat oval-shaped, sticky and itchy.
To convert it into kolang-kaling, the palm fruit must first be burned to charred or boiled for several hours. After that, followed by marinated with lime water, for several days until the seeds can be processed.

Kolang-kaling, if it eaten without much use of sugar can expedite the work gastrointestinal tract, thus indirectly also will facilitate defecation.
This small fruit can be served in variety of types of preparations, such as stuffing compote, candied, or a mixture of cold drinks. 

Looks like it's would be incomplete to breaking the fast without kolang-kaling.


1    kg   Kolang kaling (sugar palm fruit)
600 gr   Sugar
75   ml  Water
2          Daun pandan ( screw pine, vanilla paste is a good substitute)


  • Wash well the kolang-kaling and drained

  • Put in a boiling water. As soon as the water start to boil again, turn the heat off

  • Put the fruit on a strainer, leave it to cool and really dry (at least for 1 hour)

  • Put sugar in a pan add the water and pandan. Turn the heat off when sugar is completely dissolved.
  • Leave it to cool 
  • Place the kolang-kaling in a container add the sugar in.
  • Two days later, reboil the syrup (no fruits) until reduced. Leave it to cool and pour it back in the container
  • Repeat the process until the syrup thickened and the fruits are glazed.


  1. Sebelum d rebus apa gak d rendam dulu kak pake air beras karna kemaren aq buat keras karna gak q rendam, kata orang2 itu air beras bantu melunakkan tu kolang kaling...

    Salam, dian of medan too

    1. Hi Mbak Dian, seingatku gak pakai direndam dulu, tapi waktu beli di pasar kita pilih yang gak keras, memang kadang ada yang keras. Tapi boleh juga ikuti sarannya....., aku akan coba juga lah...