Sunday 3 June 2012

Lontong Medan Komplit (The Perfect Lontong Medan)

Siapakah yang tak kenal Lontong Medan ? Siapakah yang tidak rindu jika kita jauh dari kota tercinta kita ini? Maka, Lontong Medan harus dihadirkan di blog ini.... Saya buat komplit sampai kerupuk merah putih dan sate kerang!

Tonight I have guest over for dinner. He's been working in Indonesia ( North Sumatera) for quite a while and loves Indonesian food. I decided to make Lontong Medan (Lontong Malam), it is whole some food. He can sample a variety of Medan food in a bowl!

What is in Lontong Medan? 

Sayur lodeh ( vegetable cooked with coconut milk)
Tauco tahu tempe (Tofu and Tempe Tauco)
Sambal telur (Egg sambal)
Sambal teri (Teri Sambal)
Perkedel (Spiced potato cake)
Kerupuk merah putih (Black and white crackers)
Kerang Sate (optional) (Cokcles satay)
Mihun goreng (optional) (Fried vermicelli)
Bumbu pecal (optional) (Pecal paste)

Some of these dishes have been posted earlier i.e lontong, egg sambal, teri sambal, rendang and cockles satay. Here are some more dish recipe for lontong condiments.

Sayur Lodeh ( Vegetable cooked with coconut milk )

Ingredients (A)

50     gr    Shallots
  3     clv   Garlic
  2     cm   Ginger
  2     cm   Turmeric 
1/2    tsp   Corriander seeds
  4             Red Chilies

Ingredients (B)

 2     cm   Galangal (bruised)
 2             Daun Salam (bay leaves)
150  ml   Thick coconut
2      L     Water
Salt to taste
A pinch of sugar
Oil for sauteing


1           Chou - Chou, diced 
250  gr  Baby corn, cut 1 cm long
250  gr  Carrots, diced


  • Put ingredients (A) in a blender, grind until smooth, then saute till fragrant
  • Boiled the water, add in the galangal and daun salam and the sauted ingredients, bring back to boil
  • Put all the vegetables in. Leave to cook until the vegetables are ready. Turn the heat down
  • Now, add the thick coconut and constantly stir to avoid the coconut separated. Bring back to boil.
  • Taste the salt, it is now ready.

Tofu and Tempe Tauco

Ingredients (A)

100    gr           Shallots, sliced thinly
3        clove     Garlic, sliced
50      gr           Green Chili, sliced thinly

Ingredient (B)

2       tbsp        Tauco (fermented soybean)
2                      Daun salam
2       cm          Galangal, bruised
2       cm          Ginger, bruised
1       stalk        Lemon grass

Ingredients (C)

2        blocks    Tofu (3 cm x 10 cm), diced and fried, set a side
1        block      Tempe (3 cm x 15 cm), diced and fried, set a side
2        tbsp        Dried Shrimp
100    gr           Black eye beans, boiled and drained
1                      Tomato, peeled and diced
1       tbsp         Palm sugar ( or to taste)

1       L             Water (use as much or as little you prefer, I like it with sauce, so I put it all)
Salt to taste


  • Heat the oil in a wok, put the dried shrimp and strir for a minute
  • Add the ingredients (A) cook  till fragrant
  • Put the ingredients (B) mix well
  • Add half of the water, bring it to boil
  • Put ingredients (C), stir well, cover the wok 
  • Add the rest of the water, stir again and let it cook for a few more minutes
  • Taste the salt

Lontong Medan for dinner

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