Sunday 6 May 2012

Dried Fish Sambal ( Sambal Ikan Asin )

As mentioned in my earlier posting sambal is very versetile to mix with many ingredients. Here are varieties of dried fish that is used a lot in sambal dish.

This is again the recipe of sambal :

Basic Sambal Paste :

  15           Red Chili (reduce the number  or remove the seeds for milder taste)
    1           Fresh tomatoes
    1  clv    Garlic
    5  clv    Shallot
    1  cm    Ginger (optional)
    2  tbs    Cooking oil
Pinch of Sugar
Salt to taste

  • What need to do now is frying the dried fish till crispy and mix with sambal. Best to eat immediately as the fish will go soft and chewy. 

  • If we want to keep the dried fish sambal crispy, replace tomato (sambal recipe) with vinegar and sautee  the sambal even longer in low heat to reduce water content. Adding 1 tbs sugar more will make it even longer crispy ( Refer to Spicy Crispy Medan Anchovy).

Split fish ( this is literaly translated....)

Unsalted Teri

Split Teri

Teri Medan  (Ikan teri)

Dried Sting Ray  ( Ikan Pari )

Dried Baby Sole  ( Ikan lidah )

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