Wednesday 23 May 2012

Pecal ( Vegetable with spicy peanut sauce)

This dish is influence by Javanese cuisine. Unlike the original, Pecal Medan has much stronger flavour, we can taste the chili ( very hot ), the tamarind (sour) and  Kencur ( ginger family). It is favourite of all time in any gathering in Medan.

Ingredients ( A )

     1   kg     Peanuts, fried or roasted
 1- 2   tbsp  Shrimp paste
250    gr      Palm Sugar
  50    gr      Tamarind, make a paste
  10              Kaffir lime leaves
Salt to taste

Ingredient  ( B )

100   g     Red chili
100   g     Eye bird chili
  50   g     Shallots
  50   g     Garlic
100   g     Kencur (ginger family, can not find the substitute. Just omit it if it is not available)
Enough oil for shallow frying

Ingredient ( C )

Basically you can use any vegetable you prefer, but this morning I just use what I could  find in the garden, except cucumber and beansprout.

Young paw paw leaves, boiled and drained
Beansprout, boiled and drained
Kangkung (Morning glory), boiled and drained


Peyek (peanut crackers)
Cucumber, peeled and diced
Tempe, fried and diced
Tofu, fried and diced

  • Shallow fry all the ingredient B, drip dry
  • Put ( B ) into  pounder or blender. Grind until fine
  • Now add A and continue to grind, until you get the texture you prefer. (Some like it course some like it fine). This paste freeze well.
How to serve

  • Put 3 tbsp of the pecal paste in a bowl, add 6 tbsp luke warm water. Mix well. 
  • Pour the mixture (enough to cover) on top of the mix boiled vegetable ( take as much or as little vegetable), serve with the condiments.

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