Sunday 6 May 2012

Aubergine in Tomato n Chili Paste (Sambal Terong)

Sambal is a term for a paste that the main ingredients are tomatoes and chili. It is very versatile and can be combined from vegetables to fish. This dish is simple, many house hold prepare almost every day together with other cooking. Being in Medan, we add Teri Medan as a must ingredient.

Basic Sambal Paste :

  15           Red Chili (reduce the number  or remove the seeds for milder taste)
    1           Fresh tomatoes
    1  clv    Garlic
    5  clv    Shallot
    1  cm    Ginger (optional)
    2  tbs    Cooking oil
Pinch of Sugar
Salt to taste

Put the whole ingredient in a blender until smooth and sauteed. When the colour turns red and the oil start to separate, it is ready.

To prepare the Aubergine Sambal

400   gr  Aubergine
    2  tbs  Teri Medan, fried and put aside
  • Half the aubergine and cut into 8 parts then fried or for healthy option just pan fried with a little olive oil until soft.
  • Mix gently the sambal paste, aubergine and teri Medan
  • Serve as a side dish.

Here are different type of aubergine for different purpose of cooking.

Purple Aubergine 

Round aubergine normally used in curry

Finger aubergine commonly used for Tauco ( fermented yellow soybean) dish alone or mix with other ingredients


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