Friday 4 May 2012

Ocra and Medan anchovy ( Bendi Teri Medan)

Ikan teri is used in many stir fry dishes in Medan, irrespective of what vegetable you use, giving a distinct salty flavour.

Ingredients :

100  gr        Onion, sliced
    3  clv      Shallots, sliced
    1  clv      Garlic, sliced
200  gr       Ocra (ladies finger). Wash, pad dry and slice slanting
  50  gr        Medan Anchovy  (ikan teri)
    1  tsp      Curry powder  
    2  tbs      Cooking oil

Method  :

  • Heat the cooking oil in frying pan adding sliced onion, garlic, shallots, anchovies and curry powder until fragrant.
  • Later add the sliced ocra and stir gently until ready.
  • Season to taste.

Very simple....... and delicious

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