Sunday 20 May 2012

Dressed Crab with Pomello Salad

This dish is great for a starter on a dinner party. It is refreshing and light. Usually I will server this with garlic bread, East meets West.


1   kg    Crab, boiled in salted water and dressed
1/2        Pomello, peeled
1/2        Pepper bell
             Iceberg lettuce


   2  tbsp   Fish sauce
   2  tbsp   Syrup
   4  tbsp   Water
   1           Lime juice
   1  clv    Garlic, finely chop
   2           Red chilli, discard the seeds (if you prefer it hot, leave the seeds on)
   2  tbs    Roasted peanuts, grind

Method :

  • Dressed the crab, use the shell for serving, if the crab is small, you can serve individually on shell with the salad
  • For the dressing, mix well all the above ingredient, taste the salt and sugar
  • Pour the dressing on top of the salad, ready to serve with garlic or just as it is.

The salad dressing

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  1. ditambah cracker kayak emping , nachos atw kripik buat kontras tekstur pasti jadi hidangan yg sempurna