Monday 16 September 2013

Normandy Culinary Trip ( 5 Days of Gluttony ), Day 3

Day 3, after 2 lovely days in Honfleur, we drove to Port en Bessin, with the intention of having lunch there, but we got there just before 3, most recommended restaurant were closing or won't take new order, so we ended up in any cafe and we had a very simple lunch and nothing extra ordinary...., in fact I was a bit disappointed. The boullot that I ordered wasn't fresh and chewy.... Anyway we are looking forward to see where we are going to stay and have dinner tonight.

We arrived in Chateaux Le Cheneviere, the place was beautiful and the staff were extremely charming, beautiful room and beautiful garden. I wish I could describe the whole things better.....well hope the photos will tell....

As usual we start our dinner early with the drink, unfortunately I only have apricot juice (it was very good though...) while the others have wine and cider. We had beef and mint, vegetarian paste, puff pastry stick, pin wheel and vennison terrine on toast as canape. Again it was new and interesting. They came on a black slate, neatly presented.

Beef and mint ball.
Usually we have lamb with mint, but this combination of beef and mint was taste very good. It is ground beef and mint with seasoning, rolled in panko and then deep fried

vegetarian paste puff pastry stick
This give me idea, I can just buy ready made puff pastry (been trying to make so many time, have no luck so far...), and filled with anything from pate to terrine, sliced thinly and put in the oven.

The pin wheel
Again, this is just puff pastry and rolled with  filling, than thinly sliced and put in the oven, till crispy and ready.

Now we are ready for dinner, we move from the bar to restaurant. As a prelude we have melon soup with crispy prosciutto strip. It was simply puree melon, sweet, light and aromatic great for summer dish....

melon soup and prosciutto strip.
Served with assorted bread, they are all taste great, crusty outside and soft in the middle, my favourite is the walnut bread together with 2 different butter, salted butter and seaweed butter. We just can have enough of it. But we have to limit ourselves as we have more dishes coming.

Grilled tomato with green pesto on puff pastry.
As simple as it is, we have this as our starter, it is light and tasty, very well presented.

veal fillet topped with penne rolled in panko and yellow baby carrot.
For main course 2 of us had veal fillet and the rest have beef cheek. The veal fillet was cooked to perfection medium rare, slightly pink in the middle. Tender and tasty. I had the beef cheek that has been braised, I love the texture.... I notice after three nights dining, they never serve carbohydrate (potato, rice or others) in large amount and they don't elaborate the vegetable either. Meat or fish is always the star....

Braised beef cheek, served with home made crisps

the cheese board
Wow..., that was a very large variety of cheese. Almost all of them is soft cheese. The smell is strong and pungent. My husband wouldn't have pudding he had cheese instead, served with onion chutney...

The pudding were cheese cake with a twist and meringue surprise. The cheese cake served in an interesting glass, with small amount of cheese cake with more fruits topping. Well I supposed it is a healthier cheese cake, decorated with sugar leaf.

cheese cake with a twist ( healthier  cheese cake )

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