Wednesday 25 September 2013

Normandy Culinary Trip ( 5 Days of Gluttony ), Day 5

Last day, we spent the day in Bayeux which only 20 minutes drive from the chateaux. We went to see the famous 1000 years old Tapestry. I thought it would be boring, but I was wrong it was very interesting, made us wanted to learn more about history.

Lunch time, we were looking for a small restaurant that many local would have their lunch. We believe where ever the local go, the food has got to be good and authentic.

We found one, we order what is popular. Beef carpaccio, to start with. It was simple, light and good.

For the main course we opt fish dish both is cod and serve with plain linguine, the difference is just the sauce. One is served in creamed spinach sauce and the other one is tomato and basil. Both were very simple and honest yet very good, just right for lunch.

Last dinner, we have it in the Chateaux, we were really looking forward to it. With our drink we have interesting canapé that was perfectly presented on a slate. Smoke salmon mousse on mini blinis, ball of melon (very refreshing) and deep fried cod coated with panko (Japanese style bread crumbs), very tasty.

Starter....., yes the special foei gras entier, it was sooo good just melt in the mouth. Perfectly cooked...

Even though I love beef, I never able finish a whole steak, so I chose monkfish with fusion sauce, it is said Thai sauce, but with fennel? not quite sure. But what ever it was the sauce was tasty and light just as I wanted.

While the rest ordered veal fillet, looked great, well presented, simple and honest. I had a bite and it was tender almost melt in the mouth and tasty. No carbohydrate or very little of mix mash potato and yellow baby carrot. Perfect portion...., just right.

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