Tuesday 17 September 2013

Normandy Cullinary Trip ( 5 Days of Gluttony ), Day 4

Day 4, We decided to visit The American Cemetery that day, I wasn't very enthusiastic in the beginning. Why should we spent this lovely day in lovely country in a cemetery?, but I just go with the flow since every one wants to go there. I was wrong.....
We enter the cemetery, the site was beautiful and immaculately kept. Suddenly I felt a lump on my throat looking at the Crosses and Stars of David, there are just under 10.000 of them...... The D Day landing, if you have watched "Saving Private Ryan" you will understand what is all about. Can't help  it, my tears burst. I understand more about World War II, about sacrifice for the country. 
I was very happy that I come and visit, we left about 3 pm, we didn't say much. Everyone was deep in our own thought...... what we saw still linger in our mind. 
We had a very simple late lunch in nearby cafe and we start discussing what we just have been experiencing.

Dinner Time, we book into a recommended restaurant in Bayeux a few km away from the Chateaux. We were looking forward to it, since we only had a small lunch and now feel a bit peckish.

For prelude we were served a barley soup in tiny bowls, looks frothy, aromatic, taste good but we weren't quite sure what it was.....

None of us order starter, we went straight to main course. After few nights with red meat, we decided to go lighter, fish dish and chicken.
My chicken was good and tasty and the polenta was ok, well presented but I expected something more inspiring chicken dish and it wasn't. The fish dish was mediocre, I think my husband was slightly disappointed with his red mullet. The cod just as ordinary...... It could have been better.

So we were looking forward for the pudding with the hope it will be better than the main course, and it was. We had this bake crepe filled with famous Normandy cream and flambé with brandy, it was just to die for. The other pudding, the chocolate mousse millefeuille was just as good.

With tea and coffee we were served marshmallow dip in chocolate with gold leaves, presented very well...., the taste... not sure.....

All the photos were taken with my hand phone camera, they are not fantastic, but I think they are ok, yes just ok like our dinner......., but we have had a great day today. One shouldn't complain.

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