Thursday, 14 February 2013

Garden Harvest 2 ( Hasil Panen Kebun 2 )

Here are some more vegetable and herbs that I managed to pluck and harvest. Most of the vegetable and herbs are local but I do plant some other herbs (bought the seeds in UK), that survive to grow in tropic (Medan). 

The crimson basil, supposedly all purple ( well it was when they are very young), but they tend to change colour to green....notice the change of the colour, and the flavour are more pungent than what we have back in UK. Will make a nice pesto or just mixed with other salad ingredients. 

Sawi pahit, or chinese mustard leaves is normally boiled and served with sambal belachan. The Chinese and Japanese also preserve them in salt and served them as condiment in many cookings.

Indonesian prepare daun ubi (cassava leaves) in many different ways. In Medan where I live, the popular dish is "Daun ubi tumbuk"...pounded cassava leaves. Gule daun ubi, rebus daun ubi, one of vegetable in Pecal and many more .....dishes.

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