Friday, 21 September 2012

Sagu Mutiara (Steamed Sago Cake)

This is also one of our traditional cakes that we can usually find in the market or traditional cake shop. They look pretty as well as delicious. They are often serve as a snack in coffee break in a meeting, seminar, arisan or just a get together. Most Indonesian love this cake even though rather filling.

Bahan-bahan / Ingredients

300 gr jagung manis sisir 
          Sweet corn, slice
225 gr kelapa muda, parut ambil putihnya saja 
          Fresh grated coconut
150 gr gula pasir 
1 sdt garam
         tsp Salt
250 gr sagu mutiara
1/2 bungkus ( 4 gr ) agar-agar bubuk putih
         Gelatine (dissolve with a little water)
1/2 sdt vanilla atau 1/2 batang vanilla
            tsp vanilla or 1/2 vanilla pod, scrapped

Cara Membuat / Preparation

Rebus sagu mutiara setengah matang, tiriskan
Boil the sago, half done and strained

Campur semua bahan, aduk rata.
Mix well all the ingredients

Taruh dalam cetakan talam, kukus 30 menit.
Press lightly in the mould and steam for 30 minutes

Tunggu dingin, keluarkan dari cetakan.
Leave the cake to cool before removing the mould

Menjadi 20 
Make 20 cakes

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