Monday, 24 September 2012

Sawut Imut (Steamed Grated Cassava Cake)

This traditional cake, is commonly sold in the market together with other interesting food and palm sugar is normally added or part of the recipe, so the colour will be brown. When you buy, it will be wrapped in banana leaves. 

I modified the recipe as well as the appearance, so it looks prettier and just a mouth full or more of a finger food. It is convenient when if we want to use it as a snack without getting all the finger sticky.

Bahan yang diperlukan / You will need

650 gr ubi
130 gr jagung
           sweet corn
150 gr kelapa sedang, parut bagian putihnya saja.
           fresh grated coconut
1/2sdt vanilla
         tsp  vanilla
100 gr gula (tidak terlalu manis, jika menyukai lebih manis silahkan ditambah)
           sugar, (I don't want it too sweet, if you prefer it sweeter, please add more sugar)
1/2 bungkus agar agar putih ( 4 gr)
           4 gram gelatin, dissolved in a little water
Gula merah, optional
           Palm sugar, optional

Cara membuat / preparation

Parut ubi dgn parutan sawut atau food processor ( saya memakai food processor ), untuk lebih authentic gunakan parutan
Grate the cassava by using a grater or food processor

Jagung manis, dipotong
Slice the sweet corn ( or use the tin one if it is not available)

Campur semua bahan menjadi satu, sampai merata
Mix well all the ingredients

Masukkan kedalam cetakan yang telah dilapisi kertas kue
Line the mould with muffin or cake paper and put the mixture into it

Kukus selama 10-15 menit
Steam for 10 - 15 minutes

Angkat, biarkan agak dingin sebelum dihidangkan
Remove from the steamer and leave to cool down before serving.

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