Wednesday 3 October 2012

Rujak Serut Aceh (Aromatic mix fruit salad)

Rujak serut Aceh

A very refreshing dessert after rich and heavy meal. I made this as one of the desserts in my sister's birthday party. That afternoon was hot and humid. This mix fruits drink, sweet, sour and a hint of chili is just the right one to have.

You can really put any fruit  you fancy but I give a bit of twist from the original recipe by adding passion fruit juice and passion fruit, resulting a deeper taste.

Bahan / Ingredient

450 gr timun
550 gr bengkoang
250 gr wortel
4 buah kweni
6 buah markisah 
                 Passion fruit
1   Buah nenas 
2 jeruk nipis
                 Lime or lemon juice
300 ml syrup markisah
                Passion fruit syrup
1/2 jeruk Bali
4 Cabe merah atau sesuai selera
                Red chili or to taste
Gula secukupnya atau 100 gr ( tergantung manis syrup markisahnya)
                Sugar to taste or 100 gr depend on the sweetness of the syrup
1000 ml air dingin atau bisa diganti dengan es batu kira-kira dgn jumlah saja
                Ice cold water or ice cube 
 1 sdt Garam   

Cabe diblender halus
Red chilli, smoothly ground

Nenas dan kweni dipotong korek api
Pineapple and mango matchstick cut

Ambil biji markisah
Remove the passion fruit from the shell

Sisa buah diparut atau gunakan   food processor
Grate the rest of the fruits or use food processor

Sajikan dingin
Serve ice cold.

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