Friday, 13 September 2013

Normandy Culinary Trip ( 5 Days of Gluttony ), Day 2

We had a very big breakfast. I tried almost every thing that was on the offer. The typical French Breakfast, croissant, I must say that was the best one ever and the so called natural yoghurt ( thought this one was a healthy option) was very creamy, didn't taste like yoghurt at all, but very good though..., very smooth. The choice of bread was numerous and they are good plus the home made butter unusually served as a big ball in a basket wrapped in cheese cloth, as if just been made from their kitchen. The best fresh smoke salmon...., every thing was very good. 
Anyway after breakfast, we decided : " we won't have lunch " and looking forward for the dinner......

I have my camera on my shoulder and we walk to town and have looked around like most tourist do.... Honfleur is a very pretty and very arty town, where the impressionist like Monet and Boudin come from. There are quite a few gallery, painting and bronze sculpture. Most shops sell apple or cream product, cider, calvados, cider vinegar and of course jus de pommes....

It was mid day, we past the old harbour that once one of the most important port in Europe...,  there rows of restaurant most of them serve sea food moulles et fritte and my favourite boullot. I knew then that we would break our promise.... We feel peckish, we wanted lunch even if it was a small one. We eventually had our lunch in restaurant that has been recommended by our friends. The restaurant is small and nothing fancy, but it served an authentic French cuisine and very good one. We chose pan fried cod with simple butter and chives sauce it was very good because the fish was fresh. 

Back to hotel, have a little rest and we get our self ready for the next session,...the dinner. I still feel rather full from lunch, I decided to go straight to the main course, no starter but they do, they choose gazpacho and potato and leek veloute (silky smooth soup) which they thought to be a lighter starter. I did try a spoonful of the veloute and it was very good, surprisingly light since the base is potato but I did'n try the gazpacho, I can't have raw oysters.....

For the main course each of us ordered different dish, pan fried con, poached salmon, rack of lamb ( I didm't take the photo, can't remember why... I think the most exiting dish is mine, I have the langoustine risotto with orange sauce.


I think the most exiting dish is mine, I have the langoustine risotto with orange sauce, it is an unusual combination but it does work, it was very tasty .... the risotto was well prepared creamy as I expected and the langoustine is fresh but unfortunately it was a very small portion for a main course, I wish I had the starter.... since I was still hungry.

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