Friday 14 September 2018

Cassava leaves, minced chikcken and grated coconut mix (Sayur Tasak Telu)


 300 g     chicken gizzards
     2        cloves garlic
     1        whole coconut, grated, roasted
     1        bunch cassava leaves, boiled
     1        sweet corn, boiled, shell corn kernel
     2        stalks lemongrass, bruised
     2 cm  ginger, bruised
     4        ginger torch fruit, bruised
     1        torch ginger, boiled
               salt to taste

 For the paste
   20        bird's eye chillies
     3        cloves garlic
     6        shallots


 Wash chicken gizzards clean and well then roughly chopped.

 Boil the gizzards, lemongrass, ginger, garlic (finely ground) and salt until done, set aside.

 Roughly chopped cassava leaves and sweet corn, finely chopped torch ginger.

Saute the paste until fragrant, add grated coconut, gizzards, cassava leaves and torch ginger, squeeze ginger torch fruit, mix well. Add corn kernels and salt, cook until done.

The mixture is ready to serve with warm steam rice.


  • We can mix chicken gizzards with boneless chicken.
  • The mixture will not spoil easily if you roasted grated coconut for +/- 5 minutes

Susi O. Depari

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